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Our target market for aerial photography is the real estate market. With the use of great editing software we put the house you are selling in the spotlight and create the perfect aerial picture.


SkyOptics presents you OVC. This product consists of 4 to 5 OVC (taking into account the house) . Each one of these clips gives you a unique overview of the premises.

3D – Modeling

This section is currently under construction. Read more about our company here

Plexi Art

SkyOptics offers you the opportunity to show your house in a very unique and modern way. The aerial plexi art consist of an aerial photograph of your house showed in a highly qualitative frame.


At SkyOptics, we believe innovation is key

Sky optics is a young promising company who is specialized in drone photography, 3D modeling and videography for the real estate market. (We are keen on expanding our markets in the future. )

This company grew out of a passion for aerial photography and drones. We translate this passion into qualitative content for our clients.

Our expert in industrial engineering builds and optimizes the drones we use. This allows us to take our content to the next level. We at sky optics believe that innovation is the key to our business success.


Prove that you have real people working for you, giving all of their dedication to get the best end-result.
Thomas Delvaulx
As an engineer pushing boundaries is one of my missions. After a great adventure racing solar cars in Australia during the World Solar Challenge 2013 and in the Abu Dhabi Solar Race in 2015 a new challenge was at hand. Building a system that could catch the perfect and astonishing picture taken from the skies looked perfect to fit the part. Finding commercially available products is easy but making them your own to be able to create that one image that convinces the client is a different story.
Mederic Delvaulx
I am a marketeer and am passionated by image editing and the evolving digital media world. Sky optics allows me to create content that will blow your mind!

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